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"There's nothing sadder than when two people are meant to be together and something intervenes" - Walter Bishop


Okay…so, you might want to get comfy & have tissues nearby, because this is going to be long….and painful.

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Clearly, when she opens the door, the surprise is obvious. She never thought he was going to come to her after what happened.


He doesn’t say anything for a few seconds, simply watches her, drowns in the sight of her and then, remembers why he is here. She deserves to know, no matter how painful it is.


Regina doesn’t answer, what can she say anyway ? But she swallows, because she knows deep within her, she expected it, what he is going to say.  And his presence is like another stab to the heart…


Maybe Robin came with a plan, with words he repeated to himself again and again in his mind, to convinced himself he was doing the right thing….but now, on her couch….he looks like he is lost.  He doesn’t know where to begin, or how to say it. There’s no good way to tell this…


He turns to her, but words don’t come out, he can’t even look at her in the eyes, knowing what he came to tell her. And that couch, the same couch when she told him the truth…looking at it brings back memories…

Regina just sit down, waiting for the blow. She knows it can’t be any positive, anything going her way.

The distance between them is horribly impersonal compared to how close they were not so long ago…


And Robin apologizes, because, what can he do about this situation ?

He’s not responsible for Marian’s return, but he feels guilty, that’s why he apologizes.

Regina understands it, he doesn’t have to be sorry for something he had no control over.


She reached a point where she believed she was good and she is back at this, saying that when someone yells she’s a monster she believes it. The little of self-esteem she possessed crumbled down with Marian’s words.  

No matter how good she becomes, there’s going to be always someone present to remind her what she was and you know what they say, when people tell you the same thing over and over again about you, you start to believe it, because they’re kind of right.


But Robin who broke down all of her walls, who sneaked his way into her heart,  knows what he saw, who he got to know, who he grew to love. He heard stories about her evil side, and is the only one who had the chance to admire the other side. The loving side. The loving mother, the woman never backing down from a fight, the deeply trusting lover.

And Regina’s defense mechanism is to push away anyone who’s too close when she’s about to get hurt again. She tries to tell herself there’s parts of her he doesn’t know….but truthfully ? He knows her too well, that’s why, she’s like an open book to him and that’s beyond scary.


He sneaked his way into her heart, into her soul. He understands her even better than Snow.

See the way he tilts his head ? Saying “Don’t Regina, I admired the best of you with you, I saw what you’re capable of, the love you can give, the sacrifices you can make. So don’t try to convince me I don’t know you. The real you. The woman, the human being who craves love and affection.”

We can assume he took her hand, squeezing it,  meaning “you can say that to others but doesn’t work with me”

And the hurt on his face, knowing the pain, that he, of all people, his soul mate, is going to inflict her.


She needs to know the truth. Was it as strong for him as it was for her ? Did he fall for her as hard as she fell for him ?

Because it can’t mean nothing, she gave her whole self into what they were.

He never played with her, not one second. She deserved better and he gave her what she deserved.


She’s relieved and her eyes are teary. It wasn’t a game, it was real for both of them. First time she finds someone who doesn’t want anything from her in return except love. She’s loved, he loves her and that warms her soul, her heart, her body. It reaches her eyes, and without words, her feelings for him are showing. And it’s beautiful.


That, is the sight of a woman in love, hurt too many times, craving affection and love, hoping to be the person there at her love’s side.

Pick me…choose me…love me…

Robin doesn’t disappoint, his feelings are written on his face, in his eyes. He corrects himself right away, even if what they were is the past now, feelings never die. What he felt never changed.  It’s still very real and despite the situation, he knows he won’t be able to forget her, forget he fell in love with her. You can’t unfall in love. it doesn’t go away like this, like a feather in the wind.


But he chose honor over his heart. And that’s not her.

That’s the stab to her heart she expected. Never being someone’s first. Can she blame him ? No. Robin wouldn’t have been Robin if he didn’t at least try to give a chance to his marriage.


She gave him everything she had in her, her trust, her heart, her soul. Robin hates himself for what he’s making her through, because she told him she lost love once, and he’s making her lose it twice.

How he is going to be able to live with himself knowing the immeasurable pain he caused the woman he loves ? She holds his heart as he holds hers.  You can see he wants to hold her, to save her from this, he can’t…

What we believe to be the right thing to do is always the most painful one.


And hearts are broken once more….

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